BoardCAD is an open source CAD/CAM-system for surfboards. With the release of version 2.0, the CNC module has finally become part of the official release. The new version also includes an updated user interface with new icons, support for several languages, 3D editing, and a user defined look and feel. Changes has also been made to the internal geometry model for improved surface quality. As before BoardCAD can read files from aps3000, shape3D, surfcad and akushaper. It exports to STEP, DXF, and STL. Since BoardCAD is written in Java it works on any platform like Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.

Managing scanned points (Photo: )

Updated: BoardCAD on Mac OS X
Published 2013-05-15 by surfineurope

Unfortunately, the previous solution to getting BoardCAD to work on Mac OS X does not seem to work anymore. We have therefore updated the article with an alternative solution.

BoardCAD wiki down
Published 2012-06-18 by surfineurope

Our wiki-pages have been taken down due to the large amount of spam. We are looking for a solution and hope to have the wiki back in the near future.

Script based toolpath generation
Published 2011-12-20 by surfineurope

BoardCAD v2.1 offers script based toolpath generation which makes it easy to customize the g-code for different machines or different types of materials or boards.

File preview feature
Published 2011-12-19 by surfineurope

The new file preview feature provides a quick overview of all your rockers and outlines. When selecting a file, detailed information such as the board's length, width, thickness, and volume is shown.

BoardCAD version 2.1 Beta released
Published 2011-12-18 by surfineurope

A Beta version of BoardCAD v2.1 is now available to download or to run directly with java webstart. The new version includes file preview, more exact surface approximations, and fully customizable script-based toolpath generation.

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